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“Uphold innovative spirit, revitalize national brand”. Basing itself on Nanjing Tech University State Key Laboratory of Materials-Oriented Chemical Engineering and National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology, Shineking Biotech Co., Ltd operates in an atmosphere of scientific research and innovation, makes innovations in concept and system led by the principle of industry-university-research cooperation, and sees scientific and technological progress as the foundation for innovation. Led by the concept of independent innovation, Shineking also creates opportunities to learn from international first-class technology and experience and improves strength in research and development to create wider development space and make due contributions to a prosperous nation and people. Shineking will always pursue excellence and provide more refined, unique and better products and services. With rich professional knowledge and experience in industrial production, Shineking staffs are good at timely adjustment of product performance and providing clients and enterprises with admirable technical service in line with client demands.

PGA(Agriculture grade)
PGA(Cosmetic grade)
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ADD:3-1 XinJin Hu Road,Jiang Bei New District,NanJing City,China