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Shineking is included in Nanjing 321 Science and Technology Entrepreneur Program and rated as Jiangsu small and mid-sized enterprise as well as Jiangsu private technology enterprise. γ-polyglutamic acid and ε-polylysine, as Shineking  fist products, are rated as Jiangsu high-tech products.

Shineking Functional Polymer Polyamino Acid Biological Preparation and Industrial Application Program won the first prize in Jiangsu 2013 Science and Technology Award. Key Technologies and Industrial Application of Biologically Prepared Polyamino Acid won the first prize of 2013 China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Invention Award.

Based on the scientific research strength of Nanjing Tech University, Shineking is committed to building itself into a first-class international biological polyamino acid company.

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ADD:3-1 XinJin Hu Road,Jiang Bei New District,NanJing City,China