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The research and development team has been committed to biological preparation of polyamino acid functional polymer, which has filled the gap in this field and developed a new industry. the vigorous investment of manpower and resource in seed coating, soil improvement and agricultural water saving has brought fruitful results and made great contributions to soil improvement, efficient utilization of land resources as well as environmental protection. In the meantime, the team has successfully developed polyamino acid production technology and applied to household chemicals. Polylysine preservative, in particular, has been applied to green preservation and achieved remarkable social and economic benefits.

In 2013, Functional Macromolecule Polyamino Acid Biological Preparation and Industrial Application won the first prize of Jiangsu Prize for Science and Technology Progress. Key Technologies and Industrial Application of Biologically Prepared Polyamino Acid won the first prize of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Invention Award.

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ADD:3-1 XinJin Hu Road,Jiang Bei New District,NanJing City,China