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Committed to providing polymerized amino acid products of the highest quality, Shineking has established and strictly abided by a quality system covering research and development, production and sales, with product wining high praise among international large customers.

Adhering to “quality is designed”, Shineking has invested heavily in research and development over the past decade, combined with continuous pursuit of perfect design. Shineking is strict with each product index and abides by regulations in product manufacture and product release. In addition, in order to provide the best experience, Shineking has also put research and development strength in terminal application tests. In fields of cosmetics, food, agriculture and medicine, we are always ready to share knowledge and experience, and work together with you to provide end customers with the best application experience.

In order to promote and standardize domestic application of polyglutamic acid, Shineking, as a pioneer organization in industry standard development, has actively promoted standard establishment for polyglutamic acid application in cosmetics and agriculture industries.  Shineking was appointed to develop the National standard for polyglutamic acid, not only because it has developed the first enterprise standard for polyglutamic acid in China, but also it’s understanding of the quality.

Shineking boasts of world-class research & development and testing center, equipped with test and separation equipment including US NBS fermentation tank, multi-function ion implanter, microplate reader, protein purification system, PE spectrophotometer, exhaust analyzer, US Agilent HPLC, Sigma high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, PE liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer, Finnigan GC/MS, Pharmacia chromatographic separator, Alltech gel permeation chromatography, to satisfy the needs of product development and testing.




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ADD:3-1 XinJin Hu Road,Jiang Bei New District,NanJing City,China